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Frequently Asked Questions

How many dogs can you walk at once?

Within the Oxford city Council area the Maximum Number of dogs  that any person can be in control of in a public place is 4 as stated on the 2011 control of dogs order.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

If your pet is in my care, and becomes sick or injured to the point they require veterinary care, I will make sure they receive the appropriate care and treatment needed. It is advisable that you contact your vet prior to me starting care of your pet, as they usually require written permission from the owner for a third party to take your pet for treatment. In such a case, I would endeavour to contact you to let your know if your pet were to become unwell. If I were not able to get in touch with you before taking the pet for treatment, I will get in touch with your emergency contact whom you would have left me details of on your registration form.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

I have kept a number of reptiles as pets over the last 20 years or so. Varying species of snake, lizard, amphibian and arachnid.
I have also kept canaries, budgies, marine, tropical and cold water fish. I have previously bred and kept Guinea Pigs. I have cared for rats, mice, rabbits and hamsters in my previous career.

Are you able to take bookings at short notice?

This would depend on other bookings that I already have in place as I may be fully booked for when you would require a visit. For new customers I wouldn't usually accept a booking with less than 24hrs notice, this would be so I would still have time to make an assessment of you and your pets requirements. For existing customers, as I would already know the pet and and have their details on record, I may be able to arrange a booking with less that 24hrs notice for emergency situations, subject to availability.

In either case, I would recommend phoning me to get the quickest response possible.

Do you provide dog grooming services?

The short answer is No. Although I have groomed my own dogs for a number of years, I do not have any official qualifications or insurance to provide this service.

Do you provide pet boarding or house sitting?

At this moment in time I do not offer the services of boarding pets in my own home, or staying at a customers home to look after their pets.
If you are looking for someone to provide this service, when doing your checks, please make sure they are registered with the Council, Licensed and insured. This will help you find a legitimate professional pet carer.

Are you a licensed dog walker?

The short answer is No. Currently Oxford City Council do not have any requirement for professional dog walkers to be licensed, nor do they keep a register.
I do have my own business insurance to cover your pet and many years working as a professional animal carer. When looking for a dog walker or pet sitter, try looking for someone that has experience, whether that's  professional or in their own home. They should have a valid business insurance certificate that they can show you on request. Also look for someone who either has or is in the process of gaining dog walking or pet sitting qualifications, eg. Dog First Aid, as this will indicate they are committed to the service they are providing.

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